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Eaton Powerware offers a diverse range of enclosures and accessories for your network closets, computer rooms and data centers. Designed specifically for IT applications, this 42U x 600mm(w) x 1050mm(d) modern enclosure offers strength, stability and a vendor-neutral environment to house any IT equipment. The Powerware Enclosure allows for ultimate baying flexibility to create additional space in any situation. The 16-fold unique frame design delivers the highest dimensional stability and load bearing capability. The enclosure is complemented with a range of cable management, cooling and power distribution accessories to enable you to tailor your enclosures to your specific application.  Powerware Enclosures are deployed in a variety of applications including data centers, wiring closets, office environments, and warehouse spaces.


Eaton now offers a complete suite of Powerware Enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDUs) to help IT managers meet their rapidly escalating power requirements. These PDUs complement your Powerware or third-party UPS systems, distributing power to up to 24 or 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments— or anywhere conditioned power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment.

Eaton is unique in the industry for providing a tiered set of PDU product families along two dimensions—tiered both in power capacity and in functionality. That means you can precisely match up the combination of features and power rating needed for each application.

  • Sidewalls - for security and thermal control Door-mount fans - for heat exhaust and thermal management

  • Baying kits - for universal flexibility In joining enclosures together

  • Tool-free shelves – (19") 150 lb and 250 lb capacities

  • Casters - for ease of movement on flat surfaces

  • Tool-free Cable management hardware D-claws, Velcro straps - reduces installation time and costs

  • Bolt-down kits - for securing cabinets in place

  • Tool-free blanking panels - to control airflow and improve cooling efficiency Universal mounting plates for mounting additional equipment and accessories in zero U spaces

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